Posts from October 2018

Posts from October 2018

October 2018 Town Hall Meeting and Picnic

Thank you to everyone who came out today for our quarterly town hall meeting and church picnic. It was beautiful to see our whole church together worshipping Jesus and enjoying each other’s fellowship and company. Two people, in particular, deserve special mention: Mary Lou Hayes, our Event Coordinator, and Fr. Luis Diaz. Most of you don’t see the hard work they do behind the scenes to pull off events like the one we enjoyed today, but without them, none of…

Project Greta

Let me introduce you to Greta. Greta is the daughter of Andrew and Joanna Hayes (Andrew played James the Greater in the Living Last Supper last year), who live in Littleton, CO, and the granddaughter of John and Mary Lou Hayes, members of St. Dunstan’s. Greta is two years old and has undergone a complicated surgery to disconnect the hemispheres of her brain. The surgery was necessary to stop her from having seizures upwards of fifty times a day. The…