Posts by Bishop Morales

Posts by Bishop Morales

Bishop’s 2020 Lenten Letter

Dear brothers and sisters, PAX! In a few days, we will receive the Church’s call to a period of preparation for the commemoration and celebration of the passion, death and resurrection of our Savior.  Our last Synod was an invitation to holiness. What better opportunity than the time of Lent to work on our holiness and our conversion and to re-establish our relationship with Christ and the community of faith?  Ash Wednesday confronts us with our humanity, with our misery.…

Bishop Morales’ 2018 Advent Letter

Bishop Morales’ 2018 Advent Letter My dear brothers and sisters, PAX! Hope is an integral part of being human. Hope has always manifested itself as a fundamental need of humanity, but our hopes are often fleeting. Given the world in which we live, we need more than hope in what is temporal. We need a lasting hope and a sure foundation, not something that will wither away. We cannot live without hope, and this season of Advent that we are…