Envisioning Our Future

Envisioning Our Future

At the Vestry meeting in January, our Vestry established the Vision Committee. This committee is led by Fr. Michael and Michelle Cullum, and Mary Lou Hayes, Bryan Dolan, and Pat Moore also serve on the committee. The purpose of this committee is to craft a vision and mission statement for the church as well as to clearly articulate our values so that our vision, mission, and values can help us chart a path forward into the future that we believe God has intended for us.

When I was made priest-in-charge here at SDAC back at the very end of December 2017, I began to talk about St. Dunstan’s as “A Church on the Way.” To be “A Church on the Way” is to be first and foremost a church founded on Jesus Christ, who is “the Way, the Truth, and the Life” (John 14:6). Worshipping Jesus faithfully as we take up our cross and follow him wherever he leads will always be a central priority here at SDAC.

Second, to be “A church on the Way” is to be a church grounded in the teachings and life of the apostolic church. “The Way” is the earliest known name for the church (Acts 9:2), and so to be “A Church on the Way” is to say that we will always place the highest value for our teaching and life together upon the New Testament and its witness to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. 

Third, to be “A Church on the Way” is to recognize that we are all people on a journey. We have been set free from sin and death but we have not yet arrived at the promised land of resurrection. Christians are people who have passed through the waters of baptism, are lead by the Holy Spirit, are fed by the body and blood of Christ, and look forward to that great day when, like our Lord, our bodies will rise from the grave never to die again. But that doesn’t mean we’re perfect. In fact, we’re far from it. We are all people on a journey, and part of loving our neighbors as ourselves is recognizing that our neighbors are on a journey too. Their journey might look different from ours, but we are called to love them nonetheless. As people who have been set free but have not yet arrived, we live in hope of the fulness of the kingdom of God and the resurrection of the dead.

Some things will never change here at SDAC. Some things must change if we are to move forward together into the future that God intends for us. As the Vision Committee begins to do its work, please keep every member of the committee in your prayers. Please pray especially for God’s guidance and wisdom as the committee prayerfully discerns where we believe God is leading this wonderful church. There is a new page on our website for the Vision Committee. As the committee does it’s work, the results will be posted there. If you have any thoughts about the vision, mission, and values of our church, please feel free to reach out to any member of the committee.



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