Rooted. Compassionate. Missional.

These aren’t merely words for us at St. Dunstan’s. We believe that the Church must be rooted in Jesus, specifically in his self-giving and self-sacrificial love for others. We also believe that the church must be compassionate as Jesus was compassionate. For us, this means showing compassion both for people’s physical and spiritual needs. It means caring for the poor and lost and broken just as much as it means showing compassion and love to the sinner because we too are sinners and in need of compassion and love. And lastly, we also believe that the church is called to be missional. We support a number of mission organizations, and we are proud of our association with them. The good news of Jesus isn’t just good news for us. It’s good news for the whole world.


At St. Dunstan’s we believe that the more we are rooted in Jesus, the better off we are as people, friends, family members, neighbors, employees, etc. But being and staying rooted happens in a number of different ways. It happens through worship. It happens through the sacraments, and especially through baptism and the Eucharist. It happens through the prayerful study of Scripture. It happens through preaching and teaching. It happens through community and fellowship. Being rooted doesn’t mean only one thing. It…


The Church is called to be a compassionate force for good in this world. This is part of the Gospel. At St. Dunstan’s we try our best to bring the compassion and love of Jesus to those around us by reaching out to the poor, the broken, and the outcast of our society. We believe compassion and mercy should always triumph over judgment and condemnation.


As the body of Christ, we are called to be God’s Missionary People to build a better world here where we live as well as abroad. We engage in mission through giving of our time, talent and treasure to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and meet pressing needs. At St. Dunstan’s our Missions Coordinator is Pat Moore.