Music Ministry

Music Ministry


Saturday Music Opportunities

9-10am – Musical Theatre 

Who is this for? All Children, ages 4 and up are welcome!

Description: In the fall, we will be learning “Meet Me at the Manger” to perform in December.  In the spring, we will learn “The Tale of the Three Trees” to be done around Easter.  

Dates:  Begins Saturday, 8/20/22.  We will have a December performance and a Spring Performance.  Our Saturdays will take a break after Easter and pick back up in the fall, but we plan to offer some summer programs as well. 

10:15 – 11:00am – Intergenerational Beginning Piano/Keyboard

Who is this for?  This is for all ages.

Description:  We will meet in the Parish Hall and have 8 weighted keyboards set up.  We can put at least 2 people on each of the keyboards.  If our sign-ups go above 16 people, we will add instruments.  We will start with the very basics of rhythm and finger numbers.  As we progress, we will allow people that need to move ahead to move ahead.

Dates: Begins Saturday, 8/20/22.  

11:00a – 12:00p – Intergenerational Worship Music (“How to play in a band”)

Who is this for?  This is for all ages.

Description:  We will meet in the Sanctuary to begin talking about how to read a “Lead Sheet” and follow an easy song.  Then, we will work on keeping the steady beat and playing the rhythm together.  Once, we have completed that, we will move into the Parish Hall and talk about how the keyboard player knows what to play and will play the “Root” of the changes together on the beat.  After this, we will add a ukulele component of instruction so that people who are interested in playing the stringed instruments can begin working on that.  We will introduce and teach other instruments, as we go, depending on interest and sign-ups.

Dates:  Begins Saturday, 8/20/22.

Sunday Music Opportunities

12:00pm – 1:00pm – SDAC Choir Rehearsal

Who is this for?  All ages

Description: We work on choral music in 4-part singing, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass

Dates:  Begins Sunday 8/14/22.  We take part of the summer off.