Bishop Alberto Morales, OSB

Bishop Alberto Morales, OSB

About Our Bishop

Spend any time with Bishop Alberto Morales and you’ll quickly learn a few things. The bishop brings it all back to following Jesus, and the bishop has a rich sense of humor. Laughter, music, good food, and an eye for mission follow Bp. Morales all the places his ministry take him.

Born on the south side of Puerto Rico, in the town of Yabucoa, Bp. Morales loved the church from a young age. As a child, he would pretend he was a priest for his cousins and family. Later he would frequent all of the churches in town, learning from and drawing from many expressions of our catholic Christian faith.

His call to ministry from that young age took Bp. Morales to the Carribean and Spain for seminary.

After seminary, Bp. Morales returned to Puerto Rico and founded St. Benedict’s Abbey as an ecumenical abbey, reflecting his deep understanding that all churches that profess Jesus is Lord are all part of the body of Christ.

In 1996 St. Benedict’s Abbey moved to Bartonville, Illinois at the invitation of Bishop Keith Ackerman. Bp. Ackerman and Bp. Morales met through the Anglican communion, and Bp. Ackerman welcomed the Benedictine monastic experience into the diocese.

After the Diocese of Quincy joined the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) in 2009, the diocese voted Alberto their next bishop, and he was enthroned in 2010.

His Mission as Bishop

Bp. Morales committed, from the beginning, to work hard to make the Diocese of Quincy prosper and to bring people in our communities to the knowledge and love of God. And it’s happening. The diocese doubled in size during his first three years as bishop.

With a deep passion to build up the Kingdom of God, the bishop loves helping start new congregations. We are all missionaries, and Bp. Morales is constantly reminding laity and clergy alike of that shared role.

His vision for the diocese is that its congregations would work as missionaries to bring hurting, broken, and searching people to faith in God. For Bp. Morales, making disciples is an imperative, not just a nice statement.

The strengths of the Diocese of Quincy are its history and roots, he says, and its new strengths are coming from the new people, congregations, and clergy flocking to the diocese.

You may not have known…

Bishop Morales…

  • Loves Southern Gospel music (I mean loves it)
  • Enjoys cooking, especially for others
  • Is a fan of the San Francisco 49ers and the New York Yankees
  • Has a deep deep love for animals and wildlife and feeds wild and stray animals around the Abbey