Project Greta

Project Greta

Let me introduce you to Greta.

Greta is the daughter of Andrew and Joanna Hayes (Andrew played James the Greater in the Living Last Supper last year), who live in Littleton, CO, and the granddaughter of John and Mary Lou Hayes, members of St. Dunstan’s. Greta is two years old and has undergone a complicated surgery to disconnect the hemispheres of her brain. The surgery was necessary to stop her from having seizures upwards of fifty times a day.

The surgery was a success. It eliminated Greta’s seizures, but it also left her with visual impairment and the inability to use the left side of her body. Greta’s situation and future needs made it necessary for Andrew and Joanna to sell their tri-level home and move into a 1960’s one-level ranch style home that is in need of improvement and upgrades to help make it easier to care for Greta and to incorporate her into¬†family activities as much as physically possible.

To help Andrew and Joanna with this, an organization known as 2nd Mile Ministries has created a GoFundMe page for Greta and the Hayes family with the goal of raising just under $20,000 to make the home more accommodating to the family. They say, “We would like to build ramps, renovate the kitchen/dining area, widen doorways, re-landscape, and make their outdoor areas/backyard accessible to Greta and transform them into more usable spaces for everyone. While we do this work, our dream is to also bless the family with some interior and exterior painting/decorating to help make this new house feel like a warm and peaceful home for their beautiful young family.”

There is perhaps no more appropriate task for Christians to be engaged in than showing the love of Jesus to the most vulnerable among us in real, tangible ways, so I’m asking you to join me in prayerfully considering blessing little Greta and her family by donating to this campaign. If you are uncomfortable using GoFundMe or don’t know how to use the site, you can write a check to St. Dunstan’s and write “Greta” in the notes, and we will make sure every dollar finds its way to this project.

If you’d like to give through the GoFundMe page, please follow this link where you can learn more about Greta and her family and give directly to the project.


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